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halloween costumes

Celebrate your Halloween with a bang! Bring out the Halloween costumes and get caught into the most fun event of the year - when it is perfectly normal not act your age, not dress your age and to get a bit wacky and crazy for a day.

Make this occasion unimaginable and create memories you can fondly look back to and laugh at for the rest of your life! How are you going to make this happen? Let your imagination do the works. Think of what you have always wanted to become but never had the opportunity, what you have always wanted to wear but never got the chance or probably, who you would want to become assuming that you can live your life as another person. Sounds interesting? Not quite yet!

Forget about the usual boring stuff that is very predictable during this occasion. Who would want to see yet another witch in a boring Halloween costume? Let's be clear on one thing, it does not have to be Halloween to see a real witch. Haven't you seen enough of them in your normal everyday existence? No offense though but you have probably been one at some point. How about a Dracula? You can definitely do better than that. Dracula costumes are so passe and you better leave that to Gary Oldman. If you are thinking about that masked guy in "Know what you did last summer" or probably some other masked character in another scary movie, then you will probably fit better in a carnival. Move on and become more inventive.

Halloween is not supposed to be all about being scary and shocking.The usual Halloween costumes you can throw in the trash! You can try becoming more dramatic and tasteful if you want to instead of being the same old scary character that you have been projecting every year for the past 10 years. Opt for something that is unimaginable and beyond anyone's expectations. Surprise your family and friends and allow them to roll on the floor laughing or maybe let their jaws drop at the sight of you. To make the party more fun; do the guessing game!

Roll on the red carpet and show off your standout costume. Do your best interpretation of Britney Spears in her "Slave for You" music video. You might have dreamt of becoming her at some point in your life during the era of "Baby one more time" How about doing your best imitation of Lady Gaga? You may also bring out your wild, sexy side by dressing up like a Victoria's Secret Angel supermodel in distress. How about being that girl in that scary movie "Orphan" for a day? That would crack everybody up with your hair in pigtails, pale make up and wearing that famous band around your neck.

Guys can look smashing and unrivalled by dressing up a la Austin Powers or probably Edward Cullen. Other ideas include funny Mr. Bean, mysterious Professor Snape from Harry Potter or even a Phantom! The idea is to give up the boring and usual Halloween costumes and go for something more edgy, fun and out of the ordinary. It is no longer fun to see the usual monsters, zombies and bloody costumes. They aren't scary anymore but rather boring, very predictable and leave no mystery at all.

Make a statement. It is perfectly fine to lose yourself for a day to celebrate the occasion. So dare to unleash the other side of you. Allow your imagination to go a little further and explore the many characters you can possibly try so you can come up with something that's far out incomparable, gutsy and spirited.

Try these Halloween Costumes from Halloween Coloring Pages and Funny Costumes for Kids!



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Halloween Costumes

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