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Kids Opinions are often dismissed

by Mary-Anne

Children absorb influences from everything around them, but surprisingly, research has shown that most influence still comes from parents.

Often opinions from children are dismissed by adults because children lack the life experience to make well formed decisions in certain situations.

Parents also say they know what is best for their children and disregard opinions they may have. Complex life issues such as religion and personal beliefs originate mainly from home.

Children can have a foundation of moral beliefs and judgments laid out by family but as they get older and meet new people from different backgrounds and begin to have their opinions swayed by outside influences.

Children start to pick up on social structure and rewards as early as preschool and can start to change their behavior and opinions to gain the most in social settings.

However, research has shown that when it comes to important life choices, children still look to their parents for examples and guidance.

Simple things such as preference for food, fashion, and toys can also be greatly influenced by peers and the media.

Companies know how to market to children to get their attention by using bright colors, catchy jingles, and celebrity endorsements. As they grow up, children are exposed more and more to outside influences that they use to form opinions about important issues and everyday choices.

Children definitely have opinions about things, but they are usually formed impulsively and without a complete view of possible consequences. Children live in the moment, and decide things based on how they are feeling right then, they simply lack the life knowledge to act otherwise.

Listening to children’s opinions is important because for many that are unfounded and impulsive, you can bond over the ones that won’t do any harm in the long run.

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