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My Family Moments

by Samantha

When I was little, my greatest family moments were when my dad told my brother and I stories. These stories were about an imaginary childhood he’d supposedly had working in a coal mine with a horse called Herbert, and about various imaginary mines he said he’d worked in after that.

The story I remember best was about a sugar mine – one night it snowed and he packed snow thinking it was sugar, and then he got fired. The stories were often about food mines, and invariably my father got fired at the end of the story.

I also had a fun time with my brother when we played in the forest near our house. There was a little fir tree we kind of adopted as our pet; we called it baby fir and talked to it. Later, living elsewhere, we adopted an iron ball I found, probably a shot used in the track and field sport of shot put, and we named this ball April.

We made ‘him’ clothes out of socks, took him swimming, and built him a little nest in the forest. I think my brother and I were both desperate for a pet, so when a stray cat adopted our family as his, we started feeding him and tamed him. This led to a succession of cats, and many of my best family memories are of cats and kittens playing and being silly.

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