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My Greatest Family Moments

by Brenda Hill
(Foley Park)

The Greatest Family Moment during my childhood was where I celebrated Deepavalli, which is a huge function in India.

During that function, we'll get new clothes, have fun with my brothers, sisters, mother and with all of my friends and relatives.

We will watch all the new movies either on Television or going to Cinema Malls, mostly with friends, not to view films, but always commenting others, but we will take in a correct and positive way, we will not get hurt by their comments.

Once my friend removed the dhoti (a covering cloth) of my other friend, and that fellow wore only underwear and the public laughed at him, and it became a little shameful for him to stand in his underwear.

Nowadays, due to tension prevailing, we are not able to have that fun with friends, but still wants to have fun with them for leading a cool and tension-free life.

I always take everything positive even though I am blamed by others, if it is true. During my childhood my father used to take my brothers and me to many holy places, not only for worship but also for having some fun moments.

Even though our main aim is going to the temple during our relaxation time—we used to go to comedy movies to have fun with each other. Comedy portions will be enjoyed by my family so that we are able to face the pressures in our life comfortably and easily.

Always having fun, living happily and make others happy, that is my policy in life.

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