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Not so much fun - but it turned out just fine!

by Adriana

My greatest family moment wasn't much fun actually. My husband and I were going on our honeymoon to San Francisco in 2002. I was so excited to be going on our honeymoon to my favorite city for 8 whole days.

My husband's father had throat cancer so we made sure everything was ok with the family back home in North Carolina before we left. When we got to our honeymoon suite I couldn't believe that it was actually our room. We had a huge jacuzzi, champagne, a huge bed and sweeping views of the arts district. We were in heaven.

We were in heaven that is until we got the call 48 hours into our honeymoon that the cancer was back and if they didn't remove it immediately there would be little chance that my father-in-law would make it much longer. We flew back to North Carolina the next morning and joined my husband large family at Rex hospital.

My father-in-laws family came from all over to be there for him. We all sat in the waiting room for days. First for the surgery. Then for his time in ICU. We played Scrabble, we watched TV. I heard hilarious and embarrassing stories about my husband from his sister.

Somewhere in this time I forgot to be resentful for having to spend my honeymoon in a hospital. I realized that this was what family was about. That showing up for your family is the most important thing you can do. My father-in-law survived although he had a severe stroke a year later and is now unfortunately in a nursing home. My daughter likes to paint pictures for his walls. But my husband and I always joke to our daughter every time we pass Rex hospital "that's where Daddy took Mommy on our Honeymoon!"

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