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"Raging Bull" and "The Godfather"

by Camile Liesel

Some of the best movies I have seen in no particular order: raging Bull with robert DeNiro, Just have to love the cinematography on that one.

I admire the storyline on Godfather 1 and 2, though three is a bit muddled. Now Quentin Terrantino movies are real good for dialogue. Resevoir Dogs is a classic Terrantino dialogue piece.

There are kung fu (or wushu) movies. Iron monkey is one of the better examples, with good plot and excellent fighting choreography. let us not forget The Seven Samurai A classic cinema masterpiece, that was later remade for western audience in a movie called the Magnificent Seven.

Also like the rocky Horror Picture Show, An older film starring Tim Curry as an alien transvestite. A very strange but funny comedy. also has a guest appearance by singer 'Meatloaf' Adday.

Grease is an example of a modern musical. with good dance numbers, and Olivia Newton John in tight leather pants.

If Romance is to your liking, then try The Proposal, starring Ryan Renolds and Sandra Bullock. Very funny. It also has Betty White as the grandmother in yet another funny and brilliant role.

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