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Safe Toys For My Kids

by Molly Cassidy

I have two kids. I have noticed that both my son aged 2 years and daughter aged 6 years are very active and enjoy playing with their toys in the house.

Both the kids are very fond of toys. My son is small so I give him stacker, building band, bouncing bongo and cars of bigger size.

Small size cars of Mattel are sometimes very dangerous for kids as they put everything they lay their hands on into their mouth.

I avoid giving both the kids toys that have very small parts that are to be joined together. My son always loves to play with musical instruments and taps and claps according to the music. If the music stops he gets irritated and throws them away in the trash can.

As a kid he loves rattles and other colorful toys that move up and down or side to side. I always prefer to purchase toys of quality brand like Funskool and Fisher Price. Funskool brand have toys for both boys and girls according to age group. So it becomes easier for me to pick them up.

I have bought stacking drums, cubes and barrels, star links and wiggler duck for my son. He stacks the drums and barrels and then claps a lot after finishing it. This also helps in developing his sense of touch as to which one should be stacked over another.

My daughter on the other hand is very fond of Barbie dolls and stuffed toys. She can play with the Barbie dolls and their kitchen and bedroom set for a long time.

She rarely throws any toys and never gets angry. After playing she loads up everything in a card box that I have given her to put her toys. I also sometimes enjoy the way both play together with their toys. I usually avoid toys made of bright fluorescent color that are very soft.

These toys are attractive but leach out chemicals that are harmful for the children. Now-a-days many toys of Chinese manufacturers are available in the shops that are very harmful and not eco-friendly.

To be honest, children are God’s gift and they should be treated with care and affection. As a concerned mother, I always avoid giving toys to them that can be harmful and dangerous because of their small size and shape.

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